Precious Metal-All laced up


THIS gives a whole new meaning to “precious metal”!!!

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After nearly 8 hours of cut work this vintage wheelbarrow turned out pretty much as I envisioned it would! The shadow it casts is absolutely stunning! The tub design was drawn freehand with a soap stone (weld pencil) then the “negative” portions of the design were plasma cut  (freehand of course) leaving the positive portion of the pattern.  The tub measures approximately 36″ (tall) X  30″ (wide) X 10″ (deep) with the handles, feet and wheel extending quite a bit beyond the tub.  The tire is a hardened rubber tire so it will never go flat! This would make the perfect addition to your porch or corner room in your house! Minimal backlighting is required to create the desired shadow pattern.  This one is certainly a conversation piece!  This piece is signed by the artist.