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What is a Pickle Chip, you may ask. All of the metal bits & pieces and the plexi-glass windows, etc. that I have cut out of our old crusty blue VW bus (a.k.a. Pickle) I have saved in a pile.  I initially thought I would just haul it all off at once to the salvage yard and then buy myself a cup of coffee with the $5-6 I made…but recently I have played around with taking those bits and cutting them into small keychain sized circles, calling them “Pickle Chips” and metal stamping the phrase “see the good” on them.

Now, folks can now purchase a piece of Pickle The VW Bus and in doing so, support the project and have some ownership in it.  It keeps all of my scraps pieces from going into the junkyard and turns it all into something very special that can be passed on to others.  Each Piece is issued it’s own Certificate of Authenticity and stamped with a unique identifier.

These ship FREE to anywhere in the world! If you are an international buyer are unable to order through the site please reach out to me through the contact tab on the website with the phrase “pickle chip” somewhere in your message and I will get one out to you!

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With the underlying message being “see the good, be the good”…it IS after all just a pile of rusty old bits from a rusty old bus that no one else wanted to love…until I saw the good…I saw the potential…I SAW myself behind the wheel driving it in my minds eye!

100% of the proceeds that come from our Pickle Chips sales will go to bringing Pickle The VW Bus back to life! Keep an eye on the progress on Instagram / Facebook / YouTube – Thank you for supporting and following our project!

4 reviews for Pickle Chips – Support Our VW Bus Project

  1. Nick McCarthy (verified owner)

    The pickle chips are super cool. Perfect keychain size and feel really good in the hand. It’s really cool having a piece from Pickle the bus to go on the key for my own bus and bug! It’s a great conversation piece for sure. And the message is great because I “saw the good” in my own old junky Volkswagens as well.

  2. Thomas Dunigan (verified owner)

    Our pickle chips arrived just in time for our own adventure. We found a 1965 11 window rusty bus. I will carry it in my pocket for inspiration.

  3. Lutz Knoke (verified owner)

    I got my pickle chip today. The keychain is even better than expected. An absolute must for every classic car enthusiast. Together with the dear letter and the certificate a great package. The German motto is perfect.
    I am already looking forward to the finished result “Pickle, the bus” and wish you much success.
    Volkswagen accompany me since childhood (no wonder if you are born in Germany). Nevertheless, my favorite toy is a 1964 Volvo Amazon.

    • Junk In This Truck

      I’m so glad you were pleased with it! I truly appreciate your support and kind words!

  4. Andy Wallace (verified owner)

    Hi Marcy,
    “Colin”my 1972 Bay window, is the proud owner of a pickle chip 120.
    I have an up and down relationship with him but every time I pick up his key and read “See the good” it make’s me smile and off we go on another adventure! They are a great item! and I’m going to order another. Keep up the good work.

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