Typewriter Key Tiny Cameras


say CHEEEEEEESSSSEEE…steampunk style!


I was recently asked the question “how do you know if a piece you create is “good art”?

My response…

“When you sell it or gift it to someone and it hurts a little bit because a tiny piece of you went with it”

These little guys I have to admit kinda stole my heart.  Each one is uniquely named and numbered.  The “flash” is a typewriter key and letter availability depends on the typewriters I find to create them! If you require a specific letter please send an email request PRIOR to checkout to ensure I have that letter in stock! The photos are an overall representation of the ones I have built most recently but individual components will change based on availability. The penny is for reference and the overall actual size will vary slightly based on chain widths, bearings, keys etc but they are approximately 2″ X 1.25″ X 0.75″ for the body of the camera with flash and other components extending beyond.  They are cute, but nothing can describe what they feel like when you hold them in the palm of your hand!  You can’t help it, they just make you smile pretty for the camera!