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This “junk” camera makes you smile just looking at it! The lens is constructed from a large taper bearing and race with the main camera body being from two rows of farm machinery chain.  The backing of lens is made from the end plate of an antique sewing machine giving it an intricate detail that can’t be replicated.  The “flash” a water pressure gauge is mounted at its base with a large drill bit that has been cut down to size.   Sewing machine pieces including small bobbins (cut to make the brass buttons on the face) and a ruffler on the lens complete the look.  The eyepiece is the latch piece to a gate latch and the carriage bolt is the shutter release button.  The back is finished out with sections of framing/rafter square.  Weighing around 10lbs you won’t want it around you neck for long, so perhaps you should just find a shelf and lit it shine from there!