Circle Of Life Copper Vase


A few years ago I had a new air conditioner/heat pump installed in my home. When the HVAC dude left he had this huge box of “left over” copper scrap…I asked “hey what are you going to do with that copper?” And thus was born this idea…Several of the pieces had a circular shape and in my brain this is what I saw. The copper tubing is soldered to a piece of copper sheet and then that was hammered to a piece of solid oak that was picked from the side of the road.

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The overall measurements are approximately BASE: 2.5” x 10” VASE: circle is approximately an 18” diameter however actual diameter may vary based on raw material availability.

The minimalist style vase holds a couple of floral stems on each side.

No matter the flower of your choice this vase will set them off so that they are noticed.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 20 in