Plasma cut coffee-side table


This table is “lit” and guaranteed to change the focus of any room it is placed in!

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Cut from an Office of Civil Defense DRINKING WATER 17 1/2 Gallon barrel this vessel now serves as a coffee/end table.  The freehand design is lit with three LED puck style lights which are magnetically attached to the underside of the lid. They provide sufficient light to cast patterned shadows on nearby objects while providing just enough light in a room to add the perfect ambiance!  The original words and labeling were retained and are on the back side of the table.  By leaving that portion of the barrel intact it provided the “white” inside background to reflect the perfect light while preserving some of the originality.  THE best line on the back “TO REUSE AS COMMODE”  (see pictures)…that is THE reason I purchased these barrels!  They were intended for multipurpose in the first place, so I figured I find something to do with them! A simple toggle switch on the back controls the lights and a brown vintage style braided cloth cord completes the look. The diameter is 16″ and it is 24″ high.  This piece is signed by the artist.