Pickle State of mind


What is YOUR pickle state of mind? Let me cut yours out and for a small fee you can contribute to this crazy project!

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Much like the pickle chips, these sections of flooring are salvaged from my ole ratty 1958 pressed bumper VW bus lovingly named PICKLE!  Get your “state of mind” cut out of original VW bus flooring! Don’t wait, order yours today because there is a limited supply of rusty floor bits! These are cut at the time of order so please allow two weeks for production to be complete.  By purchasing an actual piece of Pickle The VW Bus  you support the project and have some ownership in it!  It keeps all of my scraps pieces from going into the junkyard and turns it into something very special that can be passed on to others.  Each Piece is issued it’s own Certificate of Authenticity and stamped with a unique identifier.  Please let me know at check out which “state of mind” you are in so I can cut the appropriate one!