Sand sifter metal lace wheelbarrow


I ruined a perfectly “good” wheelbarrow…it is now no longer good for hauling anything…but it IS perfect at casting an amazing shadow!

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A few hard hours of cut work went into this one but honestly I had more time in the drawing out of the design than I did cutting it! The shadow it casts is incredible in the sunlight and simply cannot be captured in true detail in the photos! The design was drawn freehand with a soap stone (weld pencil) then the “negative” portions of the design were plasma cut out (freehand of course) leaving the positive lace-like pattern.  The tub measures approximately 36″ (tall) X  30″ (wide) X 10″ (deep) with the handles, feet and wheel extending a few feet beyond the tub.  The green paint is “patina perfection” and I attempted to leave as much of it as possible!  The tire is a hardened rubber tire so it will never go flat! This is THE perfect addition to your porch or corner room in your house, studio, restaurant, hotel lobby, etc.  A low wattage soft light is required to generate a pattern similar to the one in the photos.  This piece certainly starts many a conversation in its current location and I know it will continue to do so wherever it lands itself in the future! This piece is signed by the artist.  THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED!!