“Sawin’ on the strings” Plasma cut saw


So get out the fiddleAnd rosin up the bowLook at ol’ Will a pattin’ his toewe’ll make music til the rafters ringAll that pickin’ and a sawin on the strings

-Lewis Compton



If you listen closely you can hear the bluegrass harmonies with the high tenor and the dog howling right along with the fiddle, bass, guitar and mandolin! I LOVE bluegrass music and over the years have had many favorites, but one song has often stuck in my head …”Sawin’ on the Strings”…so I thought I’d give it a go as a saw cut! After cutting it I thought it needed light, so I added that as well! From a distance it almost looks real, right down to her cowboy boots! The exact saw represented in the photos is sold, but another one will be cut and a photo sent to you prior to shipping to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.