Turtle Lamp


Turtle power! AreVee (RV because he takes his house with him) the turtle is here to save the day so flip his switch and he’ll light the way!

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I find hard hats on the side of the road often and after driving by a few of them wondering what in the world I could do with them I came up with this! This is AreVee the turtle.  This green “well loved” hard hat has the innards removed and a steel “skeleton” welded underneath that houses a regular sized bulb socket with an LED bulb (included) so that he doesn’t get too hot! He is perfect for a porch or shed deck and since he is lit from the inside out the light pattern created is almost a complete circle.  Made from wrenches (legs), eye hook (head) and gate handle (tail) he is sure to create some interesting conversation.  The lamp is wired with vintage style braided cord and plug with in-cord flip switch.  The hard hat is NOT attached but simply rests on the framework beneath it making a bulb change super easy!