Mini Welded Camera (key fob/ bag tag)


Hidden cameras are in use…we are not responsible if you find one and fall in love with it!

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These little cameras are welded from a single link of roller chain.  They have a flare nut for the lens, bolt/screw for the shutter release button and a nut for the flash.  They are approximately a 1″ cube and are the perfect addition to your camera bag, purse, backpack or  key chain! They make great gifts for any age and for anyone who appreciates all things unique and quirky.  I recently put one on  “Wattson the Adventurer” which can  be seen in the product photos!  Each camera is signed by the artist!

NOTE: These are NOT recommended for rear view mirrors as they are metal and are quite heavy despite their tiny size…they are not intended to be used as “dash cams”!